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COVID-19 operational plan

Place Fort La Tour has developed an operational plan, which meets all the objectives set by the New Brunswick Public Health Department. Here is an overview of the operational plan:

Greeting and visiting procedures have been modified to ensure social distancing (2 metres) between each visitor bubble.

Some spaces, such as the Welcome Area at Place Fort La Tour, have been modified to provide enhanced protection.
Our Fort has assembled a Covid-19 team to oversee greeting procedures and guide visitors upon arrival.
Strategically placed hand washing stations have been installed.

Some spaces, which were deemed too small and/or constricted, are now inaccessible to visitors.

Certain experiences which were considered high-risk have been cut, modified or replaced in the Village’s regular seasonal programming.

One-way corridors have been set up in certain spaces to ensure social distancing (2 metres) between clients.

A number of signs displaying sanitary measures to be observed by visitors have been installed on-site.