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Get ready to live the stories of Place Fort La Tour! FR

Get ready to live the stories of Place Fort La Tour!
Place Fort La Tour launches new website; site to open to visitors in June 2021

SAINT JOHN, N.B. (DATE) – Place Fort La Tour is excited to announce the launch of its informative website (WEB ADDRESS). Available in both French and English, the website provides people the opportunity to take their first steps back in time at a significant historical site in the region.

Here they can virtually meet historical figures like Charles La Tour, the man who built the fort in 1631, and his wife, Françoise Marie Jacquelin, who, when La Tour was away on business, stepped in to bravely defend the fort for three days before being forced to surrender.

The website will also help people plan their visit to the physical site on Harbour Passage on the Bay of Fundy in Saint John, N.B. Organizers are currently working hard to open for the community in June 2021 with proper COVID-19 protocols in place.

“We are very excited to launch our website and can’t wait to welcome visitors to the site this spring,” says Place Fort La Tour co-chair Beth Hatt. “Commemorating more than 5,700 years of changing ceremonial, commercial and industrial uses, Place Fort La Tour will provide today’s visitors with experiences and structures that are evocative of past stories and be a current day meeting place, much like it has always been.”

“Place Fort La Tour was the site of the violent power struggle during the early days of New France for the governance of Acadia, of the fight for occupation between the English and French colonies and of English settlement and continuing trade into the 18th century as well as the site that saw the arrival of the Loyalists after the American Revolution,” adds co-chair Andy Dixon. “It is the site of simpler times but also of treachery and intrigue, making it the perfect spot to visit, enjoy a picnic lunch and immerse yourself in centuries of local history.”

There will be no admission for the 2021 season although, depending on COVID-19 restrictions, events may occur where a fee may be charged for access. Admission rates are yet to be determined for the 2022 season.

Get ready to visit and learn the stories of Place Fort La Tour! Visit WEBSITE ADDRESS today.

About Place Fort La Tour
Incorporated in 1972, the Fort La Tour Development Authority is a non-profit organization responsible for the Place Fort La Tour site. Their goal is to protect and develop this historic site for educational and economic benefit. The site was designated a national historic site in 1923 and provincially in 1976. The Authority is comprised of nine provincial, municipal, and historical society volunteer members.

Media Contacts:

Beth Hatt, Chair

Andrew Dixon, Vice Chair

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