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What is a typical donation?

We encourage guests to donate what they can, but $5 per person would be considered an average donation. 

Can I bring food and beverage?

Yes. The site is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Can I bring a chair?

Yes. There is limited seating, and we encourage people to bring their own seats. 

Can I access the site when it is closed?

You can walk around the site and discover the stories on the outdoor interpretation signage, but you cannot access lookouts, courtyard, or buildings.

Are there washrooms?

Yes. There are public washrooms 500 feet away on Harbour Passage.

Is there drinking water onsite?


Can I wash my hands on site?

Yes. There is a washroom nearby.

Can I rent the site at night?

Yes. We can open the site at night for special events. 

Can I rent the site off season?

No. The site cannot open November – April.

Is there a gift shop?

Yes, although during our first season, it will be added to as we go.